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Declutter your HR and redefine employee experience with smHRty, intelligent HR chatbot more like your virtual HR assistant. Business processes today have become more complex and vast and in such an instance, the job of HR department becomes more dynamic and versatile. They need to be on their toes to cater to the growing demands of a company and its employees. Unfortunately, many businesses are still stuck in ice-age, since they rely on old-school methods when it comes to HRM practices and smHRty is here to change that for good.


What needs to be changed?

HR Chatbot

Unfortunately, HRs in many companies are still stuck in the ice-age, since they perform routine tasks of an admin manually using some standalone tool, which eats up a lot of time. Most of the tasks of HR personnel like explaining company policies and protocols to new recruits, inductions, onboarding, conducting employee surveys and fetching employee data, etc. are still a pain for them.

If you are encountering the same, then worry not, as you are not hotfooting alone. Caught in endless question and answering loop, you might crave for a more easier and accessible way for your workload to reduce.

Fear not, for smHRty is here.

smHRty is an intelligent HR chatbot, more like a virtual HR assistant to make work fun and less mundane for your HR department as well as employees.

HRMS Bot - Making HR Fun!

How does it work?

Virtual HR Assistant

Virtual HR Assistant

smHRty would help HR professionals focus on other critical tasks that call for higher degree of human intelligence and touch. Long story short, HR professionals will have more time at hand, since our chatbot would automate most of their routine and tedious admin tasks. smHRty is a lot like employee’s personal virtual assistant that will help solve most of the common employee queries.

Accessible 24/7

Accessible 24/7

smHRty will be up there 24 x 7 to provide helpful and accurate responses. Accessible via our self service portal, employees can put forth their questions to the chatbot right from their cellular devices. For example, smHRty can help employees locate tax forms, solve queries regarding salary, PFs, leaves, company policies, etc. Simply put, our HR chatbot acts as a first and second level enquiry desk wherein employees can ask their questions like they would do with a human.

AI-powered chatbot



smHRty is an intelligent AI-powered chatbot, which uses machine-learning algorithms to come up with the most relevant and accurate answers to the queries put forth by employees. smHRty is programmed to hone itself over time using artificial technology to serve in a much personalized and better manner. Got a query or concern with the HR, worry not, as smHRty is just a click away. Eureka! No need to ringing up the HR department.

HR Bot

Top features:
smHRty helps your HR focus on things that matter the most!

Uses Machine Learning algorithms to fetch the desired answers

AI powered

Virtual HR assistant

First level HR enquiry desk

Automated responses

Personalized interactions